© Anna Weinhold

Photography and visual creativity in general was always important to me. Activity not so much. Until my mid twenties sport or active journeys were not exactly a major aspect in my life and I definitely spent too much time in front of monitors. Events led me to the point where I needed something that felt real. So I jumped 220m down the Contra-Dam in Switzerland with a rope attached to my feet. Of course it was great and I thought “Wait, when I can do that, I can do much more”. So I started to train and a whole new world opened up. A world that felt real and necessary to explore. Some people say that there are no adventures left, since the world is discovered. I disagree. The question is how much further you can go. I got excited with a broad variation of sports, from basic running over mountaineering to freediving, to get ready for extraordinary places. I went out alone or joined forces with friends and met great people along the way. The main aspect of my photographic work became the combination of adventure, sport, culture and encounter. I hope my photos can inspire and motivate you along your way.